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Chef's Background

Dring my first overseas travel through Europe after my university studies, I travelled through Greece, France and Italy, and it left me with deep impressions of its people, food, countryside and produce.  I immediately caught on the 'joie de vivre' attitude to life and food was an expression of such a celebration.

On the other hand, Japanese food has an immense popularity all over the world, and I am fascinated that with a few simple ingredients such as dashi, soy, mirin, Japanese techniques can bring out the intrinsic qualities of the ingredients, simply but beautifully. Thus, the influence on my style now is between abundance and restraint; building up on flavours and raw simplicity.  This challenge is keeping me on my toes at all times.

Hailing from a French fine dining background at Guy Savoy (opening team), I have acquired some knowledge of Japanese cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, and assisted in some Japanese kitchens. I enjoy learning and working with different produce available, the combination of flavours and cooking techniques. The years of experience provided me with a grounded sense of operations from planning to execution, and reviewing.

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The Chef: About Me
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